the independents – Cumberland – Local Council Elections 2021

the independents

putting you the ratepayer/resident, first

Cumberland Council Election

Election Day: 4th December, 2021
Pre-poll: 22nd November 2021


Greg Cummings

Former Mayor of Holroyd and Cumberland Councils

• Raised in Merrylands, educated Hilltop
Road Public, Holroyd High Schools &
Granville TAFE.
• Electrical fitter, self employed for 10 years,
over 10 years in the commercial airconditioning industry and more than
10 years in industrial relations.
• Married over 30 years and, with wife Debbie,
raised 2 daughters who both attended
Greystanes Public and Greystanes High
Schools. Active in P&C at both.
• Patron of Greystanes Football Club
• President of Merrylands Rugby Club.
• Life Member of Merrylands Rugby Club.
• Board member of Parramatta Two Blues.
• Executive member of various
park committees.
• Elected to Holroyd Council in March 2004.
• Mayor of Holroyd City Council 2009,
• Mayor of Cumberland Council 2018-2019.

Dr John Brodie

Former Mayor of Holroyd Council

• Lived in Guildford all his life.
• First elected to Holroyd Council in 1987 in the
Greystanes-Guildford Ward.
• Served as Mayor for three terms, Deputy Mayor
two terms.
• Instrumental in having 40 Flashing School zones
installed outside all schools in the Holroyd Local
Government Area. First council installation at
Greystanes Public School.
• Instrumental in having concrete slabs installed at
bus stops making getting on and off buses safer
for parents with prams and the elderly.
• Worked as an educator in high schools, TAFE
and university.
• Community Liaison Officer at local
Anglican Church.
• State President of the NSW Justices Association.
• Treasurer of Toongabbie Legal Centre.
• Board member of Guildford Leagues Club.
• Management Committee member of Linnwood.
• Patron of Holroyd Art and Craft Society.
• Patron of Parramatta – Holroyd Lapidary Club.
• Patron Cumberland Branch of the NSWJA

Ray Semaan

Longstanding Committed Resident

• Committed local resident for 44 years.
• Migrated from Lebanon 1977, settling in
Merrylands West.
• Well-known and respected community leader.
• Parishioner at Our Lady of Lebanon.
• Married over 39 years and raised, with wife
Therese, three sons who attended St Margaret
Mary’s Catholic Primary School and St Paul’s
Catholic College.
• Very proud of eight wonderful grandchildren,
three attending Our Lady Queen of Peace School
and five at St Patricks Parramatta.
• ‘Uncle Ray’ has been the local taxi driver for over
35 years during which time he has often provided
free and discounted services to the needy and
disadvantaged in our community.

How To Vote for the independents in Greystanes Ward, Cumberland Council 2021


$76,000,000* EXTRA
$59,000,000 DEFICIT* WHY?

*This is how much EXTRA the ratepayers of former Holroyd have paid compared to other ratepayers in the amalgamated Cumberland Council. WHAT WAS THIS $76 Million SPENT ON AND WHERE?

*Cumberland Council’s deficit for the 20/21 Financial Year was over $59 MILLION.
(Reference: council item C11/21-882). 

Cumberland ranked 7th-worst in NSW, losing $81.6 MILLION from the merger.
(Reference: Council audited Financial Results compiled by LSI consulting as reported in SMH 31 October, 2020).

Despite this council is planning to build a new Council administration centre in Granville using a selective tender. A likely scenario is a council facility at Granville and at Auburn, with possibly a shopfront at Merrylands. Greg Cummings voted to stop this on every occasion the proposal came to council.
(Reference: Council Minute 881 18/12/19; Minute 1037 17/02/21; Minute 1246 21/07/21 – See how the other councillors voted on this issue on Facebook: @TheIndependentsGreystanes)

In 2019, Council voted $8,950,000 to upgrade Guildford Swimming Centre.
Nothing has been done. 
Do we have to again fight to keep the Guildford Pool?

THEN: In the past, the time for residents to address council was virtually unlimited. 
Councillors wanted to hear what you had to say.  

NOW: A total of only 30 minutes per meeting is set aside for residents to address council regardless of how many residents want to speak.   

Many resident concerns simply go unheard.

together we can fix this

Greg and John know the people, the area, its
strengths and where it needs improving. More importantly, they know how council works and, together with Ray, they are a very
experienced hard-working, people-focussed team. As councillors they will always put you first both in and out of the council chamber in every situation. 

● Greg and John’s service to the community as elected representatives of council totals 40+ years.
● Greg has served 4 terms as Mayor.
● John has served 3 terms as Mayor and 2
terms as Deputy Mayor. They know the importance of not only saying that they are there to serve you but actually
doing it. One of the best places to serve your community
is in the council chamber where major decisions that affect you are made and directions are set for the future of your community.
Greg and John have always done what you put them there to do … represent you in council. Greg attended 95 of the 96 council meetings and he attended 81 of the 83 council briefings during
this term of council.

In John’s 25 years on council he attended between 95% and 100% of council meetings each year. If you are concerned at the direction council is heading, put Greg and John back into council with Ray so they can loudly and clearly express your concerns about council’s direction because …

only together can we fix this

Some past highlights

Upgraded Parks and Sportsgrounds

Greg’s concern about poor park equipment has seen a number of parks upgraded.
Former Mayor Greg Cummings near an updated playground at Greystanes Sportsground.

Increased Safety for Children near School Zones

John’s crusade to increase the safety of children near schools resulted in all schools in the Holroyd area receiving 40 Flashing Lights. Former Mayor Dr John Brodie outside Greystanes Public School, the site of the first installation of a 40 Flashing School Zone provided by Council.

Support for Indigenous Australians and other cultures

Greg’s support for the annual Reconciliation Day is well known. Past Mayor Greg Cummings with Aunty Jacinta Tobin at the Marrong Reserve Official Opening.